Tax Tips To Save On Vacation

And Second Home Ownership

If you own a second home, you have tax strategies to consider. The information below was provided to us from Bradford Tax Institute.


For example, the second home can trigger the tax code vacation home rules and the passive loss rules regardless of its location in the city, in the mountains, or at the beach.


And then if you have both rental and personal use of the home, that home will be either


  • a second personal home,


  • or a rental property.


Then, depending on the type of rental, you may have to report the rental on Schedule C (where it’s subject to selfemployment taxes), or on Schedule E (where it’s exempt from self-employment taxes).


There’s more.


The property could be a business lodging facility deductible against your business income.


As you can see, you have much to consider. And the good news: you will find the answers in this report.


Inside the Free Report


Here’s the table of contents from the free special report:


  • Create Deductions: Use Your Vacation Home for Business Lodging, page 1


  • Know This If You Have Rental and Personal Use of a Vacation Home, page 6


  • Vacation Home Rental—What’s Best for You: Schedule C or E? page 18


  • Tax Issues When Your Vacation Home Is a Rental Property, page 18 


  • Selling Your Highly Appreciated Vacation Home? What About Taxes? page 27


  • Other Popular Guides at the Tax Reduction Letter, page 34


Download the Report


June 30, 2022 | DWHuff Consulting

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